Board Games Sunday

I had some friends over for board games last night, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone who made it over, and we missed the folks who couldn't make it.

We played:

  • Unearth - This was a new game for me (brought by a friend). It is pretty fast to play and was fun once we figured out all the systems for getting points. Will try again.
  • Tsuro - This is an old favorite, since it's simple to play and you can teach it to new players quickly.
  • Codenames - This was the first time playing this for everyone at the table. I can see why this is a popular game, because it is a lot of fun and the rules are really simple. I have had this one in my collection for over a year, because it was a gift from my office at the University of Calgary when I left. I am glad I finally got a chance to play it.

Also, we got to finally watch the Star Trek Discovery finale.

I wish I could have played D&D with the online group on Saturday night, but it was not to be. I need to be a better planner in the future. (Scheduling multiple people is hard.)