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  1. Docker Update

    Since I returned to work today after the long weekend, I was able to get Docker running on my Windows machine there. It actually worked quite well, though I had to reboot the machine a few times.

    The one part that I could not get to work was mounting folders …

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  2. Board Games Sunday

    I had some friends over for board games last night, and it was a lot of fun. Thanks everyone who made it over, and we missed the folks who couldn't make it.

    We played:

    • Unearth - This was a new game for me (brought by a friend). It is pretty fast …
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  3. R and Docker

    One of the frustrations I have with using the R programming language for data analysis is missing virtual environments from Python. Python has great virtual environments built in and conda comes with a really good system as well.

    When I got to OPIA, I started to use R (because aside …

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  4. Blog Introduction

    Welcome to the initial post of this blog. I want to having something for my own domain to point to, and I think this is the simplest method of doing that.

    Who Am I?

    My name is Stephen Childs. I work as an Senior Institutional Analyst in the Office of …

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